How can you resolve your dispute without an expensive trial?
How can your business avoid the risks of being in court?
How can businesses in disputes save money and relationships?


The EYSTERKEY mediation center has four large conference rooms and several smaller breakout rooms.

The mediation center can accommodate large multiparty mediations and multiple, separate mediations.

The mediation center is equipped with wireless internet so attorneys and their clients can stay connected throughout the day.

Located in downtown Decatur, several popular eateries are available that will deliver lunch to the mediation center.


Each EYSTERKEY attorney is a trained and registered mediator. Included in the EYSTERKEY roster of mediators is one domestic mediator who specializes in mediating divorces, two appellate mediators, and one mediator has been honored with inclusion in the Alabama Association of Mediator Attorneys and the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.

EYSTERKEY mediators average mediating three cases a week and over 90% of mediations are successful in resolving the matter at mediation or shortly thereafter.


Glynn Tubb
Nick Roth
William Middleton
James Adams
Julia Roth

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